Schonfield Consulting

"For our consulting project, we needed someone who was independent, highly focused and knowledgable about capturing data from the non-profit community. The final report was great and was used as a reference for a UN climate change paper. I also appreciated your thoughtfulness and knew you would keep us on target. Thank you for taking on Fresno!"

Charise Hanson, Program Officer (former), Central Valley Community Foundation 

"I've worked very happily with Anne since 2011 on numerous proposals and reports. She is a skilled thought partner and strong writer, jumps into projects with little hand-holding, and is easy to work with. I would recommend Anne to anyone looking for a thoughtful, efficient and very capable consultant." 

Alex Levinson, Executive Director, Pacific Environment

"Anne has done excellent consultancy work.  Her analysis of our research products and review of grant materials produced high quality outputs—she asked tough questions and delivered on time.  I would highly recommend Anne." 

Kim Hamilton, Deputy Director,  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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