Strategic Planning

We’ve worked with many clients on strategic plans to increase their focus and sharpen their results.

Staff working on goals at PVCHT strategic planning retreat
Staff working on goals at PVCHT strategic planning retreat

Strategic Planning for Organizational Success

Schonfield Consulting led the Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust (PVCHT) through a strategic plan that gathered insight and data from Board members, staff and community partners. We held a 2-day, action-packed retreat in Monterey CA, where we honed PVCHT's mission, vision, goals, and strategies for the future. Working closely with the Executive Director and a Board/staff committee, we finalized the 3-year Strategic Plan with strong buy-in from all levels of the organization. See PVCHT strategic plan here.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Learnings, Program Effectiveness

Schonfield Consulting prepared internal strategy documents for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Global Development Program to improve program effectiveness. We prepared strategic direction reports for teams in advocacy and international emergency relief, wrote a case study on "spillover effects" from grants in East Africa, and developed a Learning Inventory Database of 80+ agricultural investments (ranging from $1 million to $25+ million) to support knowledge management and centralize key learnings.

Schonfield Consulting meets with Abilicorp team
Schonfield Consulting meets with Abilicorp team


Schonfield Consulting worked with Abilicorp - a disabled-owned business in Oakland CA – to develop a five-year business plan. The business plan clarifies Abilicorp’s mission, vision, consumers, business model, org chart, potential revenue and other essential business services. We’re also helping Abilicorp to implement the business plan and identify potential customers and service providers.

Natural Resources Defense Council logo


We helped the Natural Resources Defense Council develop a 5-year Strategic Plan for NRDC’s India Initiative (2020 - 2025), including goals, strategies and next steps in programs, operations, international partners and organizational support.  Schonfield Consulting led NRDC staff, consultants, leadership and India partners through a strategic development process with “visioning” sessions, surveys and planning workshops. We previously helped NRDC’s India Program develop its earlier 5-year Strategic Plan (for 2016 - 2020).