Commemorating Business Women’s Day with Starbucks & Pazapa

Empowering Women: 250k by 2025, and 2 x 2 in Haiti

September 22 in the U.S. is “Business Women’s Day,” originating in Rosie the Riveter’s era and codified by Congress in 1983 to honor women’s contributions in the world of work.

Schonfield Consulting is a woman-owned shop with a majority female staff, so we’re always excited to work with clients supporting greater access to opportunity for women in the Bay area and beyond. Please read on for more about two of those projects — with the Starbucks Foundation and Pazapa.

In March 2018, The Starbucks Foundation launched a multi-year strategy to empower 250,000 women and their families living in coffee, tea and cocoa growing communities by 2025. Anne Schonfield worked closely with foundation staff to develop a cohesive grantmaking strategy for this initiative and evaluate potential NGO partners.

Since 2014, Anne has helped The Starbucks Foundation team manage over $10 million in Origin Grants to organizations — empowering farmers and their families in coffee and tea-growing communities through improved livelihoods, clean water and health services.

Schonfield Consulting’s Faith Lemon supports the efforts of Pazapa to empower families marginalized by disability and poverty in Southeastern Haiti. In addition to grant-writing and outreach, Faith’s responsibilities include developing partnerships to expand programs and advocacy efforts, reducing expenses through innovative sourcing, refining organizational strategy, managing communications and improving sustainability through revenue diversification.

In July 2018, Faith (center) worked with the team to launch the Solidarity Shop in Jacmel — making it possible for Rose (left), Mireille (right) and other Haitians with disabilities to leverage their creativity into sustainable livelihoods.