Thoughts on Mother’s Day

As we celebrate Mother’s Day and hopefully the end of a very difficult year, I’m reminded of so many things.  As the mom of two young adults (Theo age 19 and Rebecca age 22!) I think often about what we can do to mentor and support powerful new leaders — especially women — to “come into their own” and start to address all our damn problems!   

At the same time, we are slowly emerging from Covid and many other challenges.  What a relief that 2020 is behind us!  But not everyone will emerge from this super challenging year equally and there is still so much work to be done. 

With that in mind, Schonfield Consulting is working closely with Hidden Villa and other clients on some exciting projects. See details below. 

Strategic Planning with
Hidden Villa

Since January, we’ve worked with Hidden Villa (an environmental education center and working farm in in Los Altos Hills, CA) to help implement their 3-year strategic plan. We’re supporting initiative leads across the organization to develop detailed work plans and timelines, we’re creating a dashboard to monitor progress and are working closely with Board and staff to bring an ambitious strategic plan to life. A highlight was a socially-distant site visit to Hidden Villa in March, complete with pygmy goats, new-born lambs and a tour of this bustling farm and education center.